Pharmaceutical Controls

At Glover Group, we understand that, in the 21st century, traditional controls are not enough. That is why the Glover Groupís Team has developed the PHARMA Program.

The PHARMA Program includes Gloverís proprietary set of interlocking strategies, services, and technical tools, which can help your organization:

We believe Gloverís Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Manufacturing Controls consulting services can be a most effective weapon in strengthening your drug manufacturing controls environment Ė while, at the same time, protecting and improving competitive advantage and enhancing stakeholder value

Our clients face serious damage to their reputation when the integrity of their drug manufacturing process can be brought into question. It is no surprise that the media give wide play to stories about drug diversion. This can quickly trigger a loss of confidence in the integrity of your manufacturing and controls environment programs, as well as an inspection and investigation by DEA. Without question, this is the greatest single threat to the brand name and reputation of organizations that provide these services today.

Whether you are a large or small drug manufacturing organization, you can benefit from Gloverís Pharmaceutical Audit of Regulatory & Manufacturing Activities (PHARMA) Program services.