Glover Group Business Services

Due Diligence »

Due diligence is a must in today's business world if a company is to avoid financial loss, liabilities, and possible ruin. Glover Group can help our clients safely enter into acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and other financial transactions by providing their organization with the information it needs to make critical business decisions.

Business Investigations »

To help protect the integrity and financial stability of your business, Glover Group's wide-ranged investigative capabilities can provide your company with the pertinent, often confidential, data it needs to gain a strong advantage in the business world.

Business Controls & Security »

In these fast-paced, often volatile times, the safety of the corporate environment has become a major worldwide concern. Glover Group presents the best solutions to your corporate security problems cost effectively targeting specific client needs.

Pharmaceutical Controls »

In our current dynamic times, it is not unusual for a pharmaceutical manufacturing organization to outgrow its traditional controls. This is not only true for organizations that are facing competitive or operational challenges and shifting market conditions, but for those experiencing extraordinary growth as well.

Computer Forensics

Glover Group Forensics and Security Division is a group of digital investigators with law enforcement and technical experience. We practice the art and science of computer forensics and network security and provide high quality services and advice to the legal and corporate community at reasonable rates. Read our Computer Forensics capability statement [PDF].