Pedro L. Quiñones Traverzo, PhD

Associate Managing Director, Computer Forensics

Mr. Quiñones has an impressive professional background which spans from hands-on system installation, troubleshooting and repair to systems analysis to President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intelligence Communications Solutions, Inc. (IntelCom). His areas of expertise include personal computer and network troubleshooting and repair, computer graphics and design, computer science and telecommunications. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from testing, evaluating, and managing satellite communications networks to designing sophisticated communications software. Mr. Quiñones considerable expertise in systems integration, network security assessments, data security and recovery, and his commitment to customer service has earned him a solid reputation in the communications arena. He has worked with a variety of US Government agencies and private firms performing under classified and unclassified theaters of operations.

Chronology of Employment


Mr. Quiñones has 30 years of experience in telecommunications, database development, and system integration. His systems development background includes developing and presenting system concepts to program managers and task leaders and contracting personnel; analyzing systems requirements and design specifications; managing hardware support and software development operations; developing systems in accord with user's design concepts and specifications; providing technical support to ADP teams throughout the development life cycle; and assuring conformance to standards and quality of analysis and system support. Mr. Quiñones' primary focus in system development is to ensure that overall system solutions are developed with optimal efficiency using the best available (current or required) equipment, software, configurations, protocols and programming techniques. Mr. Quiñones' extensive knowledge of alternative computer environments, coupled with his thorough understanding of telecommunications approaches and user issues provide him an excellent perspective for managing large scale system integration projects, as well as for the troubleshooting and repair for large-scale network projects. As a hands-on project manager, Mr. Quiñones led teams of computer technicians through many successful projects saving the US Government Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars while still completing all of the schedule tasks on schedule.

Mr. Quiñones' experience is highlighted by his extensive work with large and complex telecommunication systems. As the system manager for a large satellite earth station, he was responsible for installing and integrating hardware, software, and telecommunications lines. This nationwide wide area network (WAN) involved more than 200,000 telephone lines, complex routers, multiplexers, and concentrators. In addition to the installation, operations, and maintenance of this complex system, he wrote computer programs to control burst time plans which reduced daily manual programming from hours to minutes.

Mr. Quiñones conducted market research and analysis of user requirements in the preparation of a recommendation of a vendor and product of a Video Conference system for USDA. Once the Government accepted the recommendation, he received training on the installation and operation of the systems and then supported the installation, testing, and user training on this system.

As Project Officer/Senior Systems Analyst for the U.S. Marine Corps, Family Advocacy Program "Child/Spouse Abuse Tracking System," Mr. Quiñones provided the systems analysis for a large-scale database application. He was responsible for determining the hardware, software, communications, database design, and development of a system that would track all incidents of Child and Spouse abuse in all U.S. Marine Corps facilities around the world. In an effort to streamline the tabulation process and ensure accuracy, Mr. Quiñones incorporated flexibility into the design of the initial database creation programs. Because of the number of iterations and volume of data processed to produce the reports, Mr. Quiñones devised ways to maximize the interaction of the hardware and the database program to produce effective reports within one-tenth the time of the previous existing report program.

Mr. Quiñones also headed an effort to electronically record all legal records at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) litigation department. Mr. Quiñones managed the conversion of 150,000 pages of legal documents related to litigation between a client and the FAA using Optical Character Reading (OCR) technology. These documents were then placed in a database and indexed so that the FAA could very quickly access any document within seconds, enabling FAA staff to readily access critical information concerning this project.

Mr. Quiñones also developed a Video Conferencing Monitor and Control program, which was used by GTE Spacenet to remotely monitor and control all phases of the Video Conference Network. Mr. Quiñones developed training material and documentation pertinent to both the end user and the technical engineers.

Mr. Quiñones has worked with both the US Government and the private sector in the analysis and recovery of lost and, or deleted data from computer storage systems. These tasks have ranged from simple lost or deleted files to the complete recovery of large amounts of data after a computer crash. Mr. Quiñones has also helped customers develop MIS policies and procedures geared specifically towards the prevention of data loss and data security.

Mr. Quiñones has performed forensic recovery services for various Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Quiñones performs computer forensic examinations, computer security reviews, computer investigations and computer consulting services. He also performs computer security analysis and security evaluations of client networks. Realizing the need for tracking communications outages in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Quiñones developed a Trouble Reporting Tracking System Database, which was used by a major satellite communications company to keep track of all outages affecting the availability of the network to the customer. This database was used in conjunction with the billing department to accurately reflect the credit owed to the customer at billing time.

Mr. Quiñones has also performed computer literacy training at the Northern Virginia Community College, (under contract). He has personally trained over 1,000 students in subjects such as DOS, BASIC programming, Database programming, LOTUS and EXCEL spreadsheet programming, MS Windows (all versions), and many other applications. Mr. Quiñones has also performed training at numerous corporate and government locations.

Mr. Quiñones has also performed training for various US Government agencies in computer literacy subjects and has co-written network security training courses that have been used as training materials in various US Government Agencies.

Additional Qualifications