Pedro L. Quinones joins Glover Group LLC as Associate Managing Director Of Computer Forensics Investigations

Mr. Quiniones joined the Glover Group LLC working in the Virginia & Florida offices. Mr. Quiñones has worked with both the US Government and the private sector in the analysis and recovery of lost and, or deleted data from computer storage systems. These tasks have ranged from simple lost or deleted files to the complete recovery of large amounts of data after a computer crash. Mr. Quiñones has also helped customers develop MIS policies and procedures geared specifically towards the prevention of data loss and data security.

Mr. Quiñones has performed forensic recovery services for various Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Quiñones performs computer forensic examinations, computer security reviews, computer investigations and computer consulting services. He also performs computer security analysis and security evaluations of client networks. Realizing the need for tracking communications outages in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Quiñones developed a Trouble Reporting Tracking System Database, which was used by a major satellite communications company to keep track of all outages affecting the availability of the network to the customer. This database was used in conjunction with the billing department to accurately reflect the credit owed to the customer at billing time.