John B. McElhatton joins Glover Group as Managing Director of global Computer Forensics

Glover Group LLC is pleased to announce that John B. McElhatton has joined the firm as Managing Director of the global Computer Forensics practice. Mr. McElhatton has decades of experience working in conjunction with the country's top computer specialists and forensic examiners, as well as expert training in all phases of preserving, extracting, and analyzing data stored on computers and networks. He is also trained in relational database theory, spreadsheets, graphics, web site design and maintenance, and custom Windows programming.

Mr. McElhatton is the owner and operator of JMac Enterprises, a company that provides computer forensic services to the corporate sector, which he founded after retiring from the F.B.I. after twenty-six years of service as a Special Agent. During his federal career, Mr. McElhatton was instrumental in initiating and serving with the F.B.I.'s first Computer Analysis and Response Team in Washington, D.C. He also received extensive experience in general criminal, foreign counter-intelligence, and undercover investigations. Mr. McElhatton co-authored "Guidelines for Searching and Seizing Computers;" which serves as the authoritative handbook for Assistant U.S. Attorneys and FBI case agents.

Mr. McElhatton began his long career in law as a police officer with the Philadelphia Police Department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after serving as a Specialist in the U.S. Amy, with assignments both in the United States and Korea.