Business Investigations

To help protect the integrity and financial stability of your business, Glover Groupís wide-ranged investigative capabilities can provide your company with the pertinent, often confidential, data it needs to gain a strong advantage in the business world.

At one time or another, all companies will suffer an incident that will compromise the integrity or productivity of their organization. Whether it is business crime, financial fraud, theft of property or trade secrets, invasion or abuse of computer systems, terrorism, or employee harassment claims, the Glover Group professionals can help mitigate the damages and minimize the risk of a future occurrence.

Fraud and Theft cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Corporations have become victims of outsiders, employees, executives, vendors, and white-collar criminals. Frauds and theft can include:

Glover Group will conduct inquiries to identify the violation and the perpetrator, and our experts will provide litigation support for criminal prosecution.

Our monitoring and business controls capabilities can then assist our clients in implementing new, cost-effective programs that will thwart future incidents of theft and fraud. We will ensure that each employee recognizes the need to maintain security by practicing the appropriate safeguards.

The need for Computer Security and Forensics has become inevitable, as we move into the rapidly advancing computer age. Outsiders are breaking into computers, and insiders are abusing the systems. Companies rely on their technical staffs to provide the necessary security, but their knowledge is not always sufficient to ward off penetration of data systems.

Glover Groupís computer specialists are experienced in security technology, as well as law enforcement, which enable them to recognize technical and forensic issues. They are able to recover information from hard drives, collect and safeguard evidence from computers, and establish a chain of custody to use in court. Some services we can provide for our clients include:

Asset Searches are essential for our clients prior to any financial transactions, such as investments, mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures, in order to ensure that their purchase is a sound one, or to verify an individualís credit. These searches often include:

Often disputes arise relating to Intellectual Properties, such as trade secrets, patents, and trademarks.

Trade Secrets Glover Group will investigate and document the role and actions of current and former employees in regard to diversion, misuse, or unauthorized publication of trade secrets.

Patents Glover Group can conduct prior art searches in foreign countries; locate and interview witnesses associated with the vendor or licensee during critical time periods; and investigate and determine infringing acts and willfulness.

Trademarks Gray market or counterfeit goods are often produced overseas where it is difficult to take action against the infringers. Glover Group can document the infringerís actions and contact the proper authorities to shut down the illicit operations or stop shipments.

Glover Group can be the strength behind either the bidder or the target in Contests for Corporate Control. Our in-depth inquiries into a companyís unique assets and business practices can be the difference between a win and a loss during a hostile takeover or proxy fight

Regardless of the crisis your company is facing, Glover Groupís sophisticated investigative techniques and state-of-the-art research methods can ensure the safety and integrity of your corporate assets. Our unparalleled blend of experienced, highly-qualified professionals, with backgrounds in law, finance, business consulting, law enforcement, accounting, computer science, crisis management, and security, stand ready to meet any of your investigative needs.